Sarah Boreham Private Practice

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

RDMP, MA, BA (hons)

Tel 07920 764404






Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK





I offer a confidential and professional non judgmental service in Counselling & Psychotherapy 


My approach is kind, integrative and empathic. My aims are to help my clients find meaning and solutions in a process that is empowering for them.  I am specialized in using a range of creative methods and verbal counselling, if a client wants.                                            























I believe we become by moving with our world and gain insight about ourselves by discovering our difference, integration and acceptance through expression, movement, dance, voice and practices of creativity.  In Dance Movement Psychotherapy we can discover together


Bridging the gap between verbal and non-verbal psychotherapeutic practice is essential to balance what seems to be a privileging of verbal understanding.

I feel we need movement and words to capture and give meaning to our experiences.