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Boreham, S. (2014) Sharing rhythms – The body, depression and gender: a feminist phenomenological inquiry (unpublished MA Thesis).


Boreham,S (2012)  Observing a child's development: Dance Movement Psychotherapeutic reflections (unpublished).

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'What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy?'  Authored by Sarah Boreham for Harley Therapy Counselling Blog  August 14, 2014.


A DMP Poem for World Poetry Day, March 21, 2014.

'Ode to a moving body' by Sarah Boreham

Body, Movement, Art, Life- News and information for the Arts Therapy community and beyond:

European Association of Dance Movement Therapy Conference in Milan 9th - 11th September

'Crisis, Creativity and Society : Dance Movement Therapy embodying Interdisciplinary pathways'


Boreham,S. (2016) Embodying and Minding the gap in relationship after abuse:  An autoethnographical study using Dance Movement Therapy and creativity.