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Welcome to the blog  Movement Changes Life


I'm hoping that this blog will reflect multiple and diverse opinions on the body, movement and dance movement psychotherapy, arts science, research and life.

By sarah boreham, Oct 21 2014 08:49PM

Reflection of a workshop on Gender and Intimacy with Penelope Best at NVDAT .

There were many aspects that came together whilst dancing into the footsteps of this workshop. Some personal, some political. I am a dancer and feminist.

Recently graduating in dance movement therapy from Roehampton University, Penelope Best’s work had resonated with me, laid down in her early years of dance movement therapy at the UK University. My MA thesis had explored gender, the body and depression, encouraging my fascination in finding complexity within layers of engendered identity. I was keen to spread my wings and learn about embodied practice and development in wider circles, seeking to make connections with other practitioners each sharing their own unique experiences, history and practice.

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