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Welcome to the blog  Movement Changes Life


I'm hoping that this blog will reflect multiple and diverse opinions on the body, movement and dance movement psychotherapy, arts science, research and life.

By sarah boreham, Oct 28 2014 02:37PM

Its an interesting topic and how I dance with that depends on how I interpret the word ‘drives’ I suppose. I could talk about Freuds aggressive and sexual impulses in drive theory, but I would rather address one of my main drives - as sharing knowledge of embodied practice towards development, which can result in personal and societal empowerment, communication and healing, as we focus on the integrated body and mind.

If I use Laban Movement Analysis, I consider my main drive in life to be the action drive:

My view is that my body provides the vessel and vitality to physically impact and intra-act with the world, it is my body that is the starting point for me to become through movement, I guess I think of it in terms of the material body as primary, if we have any essence at all.

By sarah boreham, Oct 21 2014 08:49PM

Reflection of a workshop on Gender and Intimacy with Penelope Best at NVDAT .

There were many aspects that came together whilst dancing into the footsteps of this workshop. Some personal, some political. I am a dancer and feminist.

Recently graduating in dance movement therapy from Roehampton University, Penelope Best’s work had resonated with me, laid down in her early years of dance movement therapy at the UK University. My MA thesis had explored gender, the body and depression, encouraging my fascination in finding complexity within layers of engendered identity. I was keen to spread my wings and learn about embodied practice and development in wider circles, seeking to make connections with other practitioners each sharing their own unique experiences, history and practice.

By sarah boreham, Sep 25 2014 08:01PM

Oh how glorious as the first flowers of spring sway

I am reminded of my material my body

Breath curls around my becoming day

My body peeps out playing a game of unfolding

The crisp sky synchronises with my eye

Hand in hand we gasp skip swirl and hold the air

High above our heads standing our ground

Entangled entwined emerging and immersed

For the world is within my body and I within it.

By sarah boreham, Sep 19 2014 09:19PM

An article I authored for a blog on what is Dance Movement Psychotherapy, I am interested in how we language and communicate the practice of DMT to the world, to raise awareness are we bound to adjust our language according to whom we speak to ? I believe we need many threads and that we need to be mindful and flexible.

By sarah boreham, Sep 19 2014 08:56PM

It seems congruent to immerse myself in writing this blog today, being world suicide prevention day.

This blog will describe a drop in the ocean of what is a multi-layered experience of depression and touch on dance movement therapy as a useful intervention and source of knowledge.

For me there has always been something about a protest in depression almost as if the body/mind voices a resistance that words can only partially express. It seems to me if you want to make a statement of change refusing to move/feel or think in the required normative way is very effective.

By guest, Aug 2 2014 10:48PM

These words by Carolyn Hillyer capture my journey this weekend in authentic movement :

' She looked forward to eventually meeting the crone woman who somehow twisted time and reached over a lifetime to donate her ancient hands to the young girl she had been long years ago '

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