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Welcome to the blog  Movement Changes Life


I'm hoping that this blog will reflect multiple and diverse opinions on the body, movement and dance movement psychotherapy, arts science, research and life.

By sarah boreham, Oct 28 2014 02:37PM

Its an interesting topic and how I dance with that depends on how I interpret the word ‘drives’ I suppose. I could talk about Freuds aggressive and sexual impulses in drive theory, but I would rather address one of my main drives - as sharing knowledge of embodied practice towards development, which can result in personal and societal empowerment, communication and healing, as we focus on the integrated body and mind.

If I use Laban Movement Analysis, I consider my main drive in life to be the action drive:

My view is that my body provides the vessel and vitality to physically impact and intra-act with the world, it is my body that is the starting point for me to become through movement, I guess I think of it in terms of the material body as primary, if we have any essence at all.

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