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I'm hoping that this blog will reflect multiple and diverse opinions on the body, movement and dance movement psychotherapy, arts science, research and life.

Ode to a moving body - by Sarah Boreham

By sarah boreham, Sep 25 2014 08:01PM

Oh how glorious as the first flowers of spring sway

I am reminded of my material my body

Breath curls around my becoming day

My body peeps out playing a game of unfolding

The crisp sky synchronises with my eye

Hand in hand we gasp skip swirl and hold the air

High above our heads standing our ground

Entangled entwined emerging and immersed

For the world is within my body and I within it.

My body is calling waving the dust of an ancient desert

Traces of children’s laughter nearby skidding slipping sliding

I wonder what my body steps to reveal today?

The warmth on my skin outlines from head to toe

Urging me to meander into tracking my energy

It could push or pull me into a phosphorous sea

In fact it could yield me into uncertainty

Will I wind in a spiral of wilderness will there be others there?

Sitting at a point of stillness watching bodies’ float around the edges?

Gliding and hiding and tumbling around, there is nothing more

Intriguing than the body’s moving matter and sound

What lived experience entices or wanes

Oh entangled body what do you have to move today?

As the time passes sometimes quickly sometime slowly

Skulking and slinking towards the dusk

My heart pounds out for the changes lost, the bodies lost

And the shadows of the embodied day

As I reach for you and recoil from illuminated existence

I am curious to be bound be free, be sustained and quick

Become strong and light (in) directly creatively

This body moves therefore I am being with time as we stride

Flowing tapestry not only with gravity but threading with you in between.

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