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If you were wearing my shoes – refugees of the world

By sarah boreham, Sep 19 2015 01:28PM

When the road most travelled is the one that takes you away

from everything you've known and everything you've built

How will you find me then, how will you treat me?

As all is swept violently away with a blanket of chaos on the ground

And all around is fear blood and the smell of war, hunger for power

Will you be there to greet me with a flower or warm open hand

Will you let me upon your land, offer me a bed for my child

Or a glimmer of hope In the fires of passion

that could burn in the human heart for my suffering

As I hold my breath in the crush of beautiful people ordinary people like you

If I grit my teeth and cling onto the closing doors on the promised land,

I wonder if the fighters were just like you, they were somebodies children as mine could be yours

A border that is infinitely bleaker than the night before gathers thorns in the tales of refugees and the frenetic impoverished monochrome state of intolerance

Oh how I long for the colour the smell and visions of my homeland

A land before this time

A memory of you laughing singing playing dancing whirling receiving peace through just being

All that shone was not valued as you tore down my truths

as you demolished my dreams into desperation.

Am I alone on this journey as I am jammed into this train resembling genocides not so old

Perhaps here lies uncomfortable ancestors and historical truths that are played out and mastered

I feel alone with my breaking family heart , a parents heart,

with the movement of survival I ride the waves , track the long long road

Only to find the land beneath my feet adrift afloat unstable and constantly changing

Will you help me to rest, breath and find a safe place for us .. Will you ... would I?

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