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Welcome to the blog  Movement Changes Life


I'm hoping that this blog will reflect multiple and diverse opinions on the body, movement and dance movement psychotherapy, arts science, research and life.

A dialogue about finding work for Dance Movement Therapy graduates.

By sarah boreham, Sep 17 2014 01:23AM

Over the next few weeks, I will blog about strategies and actions that I have taken to create work for myself

in dance movement therapy over the last few months and with a degree of success. I have never liked nepotism, I think it is an inequitable practice and I believe it concerns us newly qualified dance movement and arts psychotherapists stepping out into the brave new world of the proffession. I would like to be a part of developing a healthy knowledge sharing forum amongst newly qualified professionals, so that we may cultivate an open, authentic, mutual and transparent culture for the future of arts therapies practice. By sharing ideas and experience about our efforts, we can support each other on our professional journeys... if you would like to join me or share anything please join me over the next few weeks in this dance movement therapy blog.

Sep 18 2014 06:51AM by monika

Hi Sarah,
I Definitely agree to create a supportive network to share the ideas. By giving we getting. Life is a paradox. I really Enjoy your idea.

Sep 18 2014 05:46PM by Gabrielle

Hi Sarah,
I think the Dmp path can be lonely at times.
Connection, sharing idea and support are essential to gett9ng Dmp out there xxx

Sep 19 2014 06:45PM by sarah b

Hi Folks,
I too have found the transitional phase of student to professional a time in which I experience a paradox, I feel a source of uncertainty and excitement about the future, this reminds me of the need to integrate these two experiences and to hold on to the vitality of hope, but most of all to construct a picture of where I fit into the DMP field.

Sep 25 2014 11:40AM by Paul R

Totally agree. I'm not newly qualified. However, I would like to offer my experiences and also seek support in finding paid work after finally taking the huge step of moving out of full time paid work unrelated to DMP to develop my practice as DMP who qualified quite a number of years ago.

Nov 25 2014 04:04PM by Samina Ali

Great idea Sarah, fantastic website, and I just love how you have offered an opening for this type of sharing and learning amongst the DMP community.

Thank You!

Nov 29 2014 01:40PM by sarahboreham

Hi Samina, Thanks for your comment, I am hoping that we will have a reflection soon from a 2013 Roehampton DMP graduate , whom has managed to find work in an NHS setting . I am plaaning to write something on matching research/interest areas in dance movement psychotherapy to client groups, institutions, organisations etc, as a way to start building the vision and finding work for ourselves in the current climate. It would be very useful if perhaps as part of a dialogue you could post any questions/concerns or curioity, as a student, so perhaps qualified DMP graduates could respond to you in a diaglogue.

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